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Coaching and Guidance

I'm the Head Coach for the 2018 Angel Venture Fair (sponsored by DLA Piper). If you're preparing for Selection Day or for the Angel Venture Fair itself on May 4, this is where you learn how to get help with your presentation.


But we're offering more than just coaching! I've been part of AVF for nearly it's full history. I'm eager to share with companies all kinds of advice about how to make the most of the whole experience. It's not just a bunch of pitches, it's a community, a network of people who want to help entrepreneurs be successful. 


Stage One:  Online Application (January, February)

If it's still February and you're applying on Gust, the first step in a three-step process, then you need How to Ace the One-pager. Trust me, as one who has reviewed thousands of online applications, you need this little ebook. Get it here

How to apply:

There are two tracks of companies. The terminology is a little backwards, but logical. 

1) University Companies: companies led by students still enrolled in a college or university. This is AVF's way of supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurs.

Apply on Gust here: https://gust.com/organizations/angel-venture-fair-university-2018/public_profile

2) Non-University Companies: everybody else. That is, regular start-up companies. This is the main group at AVF.  https://gust.com/organizations/angel-venture-fair-non-university-2018/public_profile


How AVF JudgeS Make sausage

What happens next is a large team of judges (25 or more) read the applications, post comments, rate and rank. Then we have a series of conference calls where we argue and discuss and decide the companies, both tracks, to be invited to Selection Day. It's a messy, human process, but we do our best to uncover the companies most likely to do well at AVF. Our overriding goal is to select not only the best companies, but a balance of offerings to appeal to the wide range of investors that show up at AVF.

Pro tip to applicants: the team listens most carefully to judges who have direct experience with any of the companies we're considering. So if you know somebody active within AVF, be sure they know you're applying.


Stage Two: Selection Day (March)

Then, if you're been invited to Selection Day, you start preparing to come to Center City Philadelphia on March 22 and pitch to judges in person. Now you need a few other ebooks, starting with How to Avoid a Trainwreck and First Steps.  Go to the Books link in the top menu. Use the coupon code AVF to get both for free.

Go to the AVF Selection Day FAQ for more.

(I'll post more help, and information about workshops and training here soon, after the Selection Day companies are selected.)


Stage Three: Getting Ready for AVF (April, May)

If you're a "Non-University Company" (i.e. a regular company), you're preparing to give a ten-minute presentation and a five-minus Q&A. If you're one of a handful of companies who are "exhibiting only," you know who you are.

"University Companies" (student-run companies) won't give a ten minute presentation. 

All companies exhibit in the main hall.

All companies have an opportunity to give a 60-second Teaser Pitch to the entire assembly. No slides.

Ten-minute presentation and Q&A 

[guidelines and coaching instructions]


[guidelines and instructions]

60-Second Teaser Pitch

[guidelines and instructions]


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