The BizClarity Method aims to change how investor presentations are taught and coached. It’s a new approach, long overdue. It's needed than ever because raising venture capital, winning the attention of investors, is harder than ever, even for fully qualified companies that deserve to be funded. 

Most of the standard advice you'll find on the Internet about how to do an investor presentation is old, simplistic, a rehash of old formulas handed down without anybody questioning if they really work. Even advice from well-meaning advisors is incomplete, echoing the old formulas, and not up to the task. 

The BizClarity Method has a clear, long-term goal: to raise the bar on presentation standards and methods everywhere entrepreneurs are pitching to investors. To reach a point where there's no excuse for sucky, trainwreck presentations. And ultimately to ensure that all deserving companies can stand out from the competition and get the funding they need.

Created by Steve Bowman

Steve coaching BizClarity

Steve coaching BizClarity

The BizClarity Method is the work of veteran coach Steve Bowman, the "Pitch Doctor". It reflects everything he's gained from twenty years of coaching entrepreneurs to pitch to investors. It's grounded in real-world experience. Every tip, every guiding principle has been proven in action.

The BizClarity Method is unlike anything you’ll find on the Internet or even in books. It's more advanced, more complete. Yes, there are lists of do's and don't's for first-timers and entrepreneurs-in-a-hurry trying to avoid a trainwreck. But Steve's Method goes further. It's intelligent guidance for entrepreneurs who need to give an outstanding presentation because their company depends on it.