Do The Numbers Work

October 15th 2019 Session

Joe Henderson, guest speaker


The calendar of capital

How much do I need, and when (and how much do I give up?)

Helpful (?) Resources

Accelerators and incubators - What are the benefits and pitfalls?

Are on-line funding platforms for me?

Banks Investment banks., VC's, angel investors, money finders, etc.

Pitch competitions

Your 'first impression' introductions

When to connect (and with whom)

Keeping score

The Color of Money

What money from outside Philly brings you

Don't bank on VC's

"Soft $" and strategic (non-cash) investments

"Cash In = Survival"

Non-traditional funding ideas

Valuations, and un-priced rounds

Levering your (limited) assets

People invest in people

Making your vendors 'invest' in your growth

And, of course, "Other"

Money .... don't force it!

Do I (really) need to talk about an exit (now)?

Competition ... knowledge is power (but don't disparage)

Planning your long-view investment strategy