Open Coaching Testimonials

Last week I pitched an investor over the phone—no slides. I knew what to say, I’m convinced, because of what I learned from Steve from just a few Open Coaching meetings. It’s not just slides and pitching, it’s about investor psychology. What do they REALLY want to know?
— Claudia Post, CEO, Scarlet Express

Had a great experience last week at one of Steve Bowman’s Open Coaching sessions. This isn’t just practicing your public speaking— it’s like taking swings in the batting cage for an hour with a personal hitting coach.

Steve really drills down on the details, and the rest of the group chimes in. Good constructive criticism in a friendly room. Two days later I had a super-smooth investor pitch. Highly recommended!
— Mark Surkin, CEO, DietaryDNA

I’ve attended Steve’s sessions many times and I always learn new ways to improve my presentation and story. Steve gives you his undivided attention and tells you what the audience is thinking during each slide.
— Mahesh Narayanan, ImMAGE Biotherapeutics Corp

I asked another early-stage entrepreneur (and pitch contest winner) who they’d recommend for coaching. Then I scored the 10AM slot during one of Steve’s open-coaching sessions. ‘Your pitch is a mess. It’s all over the place’ — Steve started, before bringing out the hidden gems in my work. We accomplished more in that hour than I did during the previous month working on the presentation.
— Kristina Fahl, CEO, ShuttleBee