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Free Coaching

Any entrepreneur may receive one hour of free coaching sponsored by DLA Piper by joining the Startup Money Meetup and registering for the next event.  I do need to approve you first, but I'm screening mostly for stage because if you're too early, it doesn't work. 

In each three-hour session, I coach three companies, exactly as I do in private sessions. 

Anyone is welcome to watch and learn.

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Private Coaching

I offer private coaching to companies preparing to pitch to investors or deliver an important talk.  To sign up, click the button below and answer a few questions. That way I can respond to your precise needs.

If you don’t like forms, email me at and tell me a bit about you and your company 

Either way I'll get back to you ASAP.  

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Group Coaching

If you're part of an organization that supports entrepreneurs, I create coaching and training programs for cohorts and members.  I occasionally travel to other cities to give training, coaching or work with venture groups. Don't hesitate to ask.

Please email me at