Do the Numbers Work? 

This workshop dives deep into the economics and money issues unique to the venture startup. Before they ever write a check for your startup, investors must be convinced “the numbers work.”

Many entrepreneurs with great presentations talk convincingly about their impressive products, excited customers, and competitive advantages. But they fall apart when challenged on the economics of the business. Even worse, the investors’ questions sometimes expose an unworkable business model. Founders demonstrate that don’t comprehend the hard realities of startup economics.

This workshop goes directly to these issues. The format is a shared dialogue about a real business. We “scrub” one or two companies that are actively seeking investment. Each company’s CEO pitches, and then is grilled by a guest investor.

Duration: Three hours

How to Talk to Money

Investor Presentation Workshop

Workshop (lecture, examples, exercises) on how to create an investor presentation. From the basics to advanced tips and tricks and ideas/principles.

Duration: one to three hours.

Steve’s input on my VC presentation was invaluable. I’ve made many VC presentations before—both for this company and my last company—and I thought I had a great presentation. After spending some time with Steve, I realized I still had a long way to go. He focused the message of my presentation, clarified the important points, and logically organized it. Steve revolutionized my presentation.
— Gil Beyda, CEO, Net2itive

How to Quick Pitch

(aka The Elevator Speech)

Steve has a different approach to the “elevator speech” and new ideas on how it should be taught. The elevator metaphor is over-done and too limiting. That’s why this workshop is called “How to Quick Pitch.”

Rather than stressing the writing and memorization of a short speech, he teaches a fresh approach that fits the wide range of circumstances where entrepreneurs have a fleeting opportunity to start a conversation or answer “what do you do?”   

The workshop is interactive, hands-on, and includes on-the-spot coaching. It teaches situational awareness: being sensitive to the questioner and a modular approach to matching message to listener. Participants practice front-loading their sequences, detail control, and "hot facts." It’s grounded in knowing core message.  

Longer workshops cover written as well as spoken quick pitches. 

Duration: one hour to all-day

The sessions with Steve were intense and stimulating. He made us think hard, not only about the presentation but also about what our business really is. His coaching focused and sharpened our central message.
— Colman O’Murchu, CEO, Tangerine Technologies

How to Coach BizClarity

Coaching the Coaches 

This workshop is for mentors, advisors, teachers who coach entrepreneurs to improve their investor presentation. It’s Steve Bowman sharing his coaching secrets and methods. 

It begins with a review of the current story state of presentation coaching and with the question “Why smart entrepreneurs create such bad presentations?” Most of the workshop is structured around “The Eight Secrets from the Pitch Doctor.” This includes the Touchstone Questions and some of Steve’s favorite devices for discovering the core story of any company.

Duration: 45 minutes to two hours.

Before working with Steve we struggled to condense our message into an easily digestible form. But in just a few hours, after listening thoughtfully to our ideas and whiteboard ramblings, Steve was able to cut through the clutter and sharpen it into a concise presentation, and with one third the slides.

An investor complimented me, saying, “we don’t usually see slides this clear and easy to understand.” Hiring Steve was a smart move, money well spent. He really helped us move the ball forward.
— Drew Peloso, CEO, Onclave Software

Other Workshops


How to Talk Tech to Money

A variation of How to Talk to Money, but customized for audiences of scientists and technically-trained entrepreneurs. 


How to Talk Money to Corporate Boards

For project leaders and "intreprenuers" within large corporations, this workshop teaches how to navigate the psychology of C-suite executives and offers techniques for getting budget approvals. 


Presentations for Business

Advice on creating and delivering any type of presentation for any business audience, not just for raising money.


Presentation Skills

Coaching, instruction, tips and tricks for any person or group wanting to improve their "platform skills." Ideas are very audience-centric. But also very practical attention to personal strengths and fears. (Steve began his presentation-coaching career as a public speaking coach.) 


No More Boring Meetings

A short talk (usually one hour) that explores attitudes and techniques for making the most of any business meeting.


Steve taught us a way of presenting that has carried over into almost every other presentation we’ve done since, even on different topics. He showed us how to sharpen and refine our PowerPoint slides, and how to coordinate them with the verbal presentation.

What came out of the experiences was a very tight presentation that makes investors who hear it want to dig deeper and know more about our company.
— John Possumato, CEO,